Our 3 ft wide Versa Panel is a screw down panel that is available in painted as well as acrylic galvalume metal.  The 26 gauge panel is easy to install, affordable, and comes with a 40 year warranty.

In addition to the screw down or agricultural type panel we rollform two standing seam profiles.   A 26 and 24 gauge Versa Lock standing seam panel is a snap lock system.  The panels are 16″ wide and also have a 40 year paint finish warranty.  The Versa Lock panel is ideal for residential roofing while the 24 gauge Berridge Z-Lock Panel is perfect for commercial applications.  The Berridge panels are mechanically seamed to a continuous steel clip fastened to the roof.

The roofing systems we use have been engineer tested and are Florida Product Approved.

FL4599 – Rib 26ga over 1X4
FL11668.1 – 26ga Versa Panel 
FL11668.2 – 26ga Versa Lock

Our state of the art trim break allows us to program and fabricate any custom trim style.  To the left are some standard trim profiles.